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Tintinng Service

Gizmoto tinting embeds the finest and state of the art window films to consistently prevent broken glass and dangerous shards from flying around in the event of an accident. Get enhanced comfort by reflecting 99% UV radiation and a sharper look that gives the exterior an attitude.


No one likes to see their car’s “Check Engine” light. At Gizmoto, we quickly and swiftly encode and diagnose the problem for you. On top of that, we feature immersive viewing and listening experiences through the display setting, sensors, media units, monitors, camera etc.

Car detailing service

Gizmoto’s car detailing is the inert ingenuity of cleaning and restoring your vehicle to flawless condition. We are a crew of experienced detailers with precise techniques and tools for your automotive interior cleaning. We can handle all your detailing needs.

Ceramic Coating

Protecting your car’s paintwork is where Gizmoto’s essence lies. We use advanced chemical nanotechnology for the ceramic coating that creates incomparable gloss and unrivalled protection against the UV, dirt repellency and weather variables giving a showroom finish for years to come—making your car a dream to maintain.

Don’t cheapen the product; don’t cheapen the wage; don’t overcharge the public. Put brains into the method, and more brains, and still more brains – do things better than ever before; and by this means all parties to business are served and benefited.

– Henry Ford, My Life and Work.



More than mere glamorous aesthetics, we have created a film that provides superior heat, ultraviolet and glare reduction. Designed by using the best of leading-edge nano-ceramic technology, the range of films shields you and your fave-buddy car from the clutches of the jangling Australian climate. It displays a superb market-leading performance so that you can sit back and relax with the knowledge that you are protecting your investment and ensuring a safe and more comfortable driving experience.

UPF Protection

Eye-opener: Safe driving is more than avoiding accidents. It also includes effectively blocking the harmful UV rays, reducing the damage of UV to skin, eyes and the interior of cars. You cannot ask for anything more than Eclipse Films that render UPF 50+ protection to prevent harmful heat radiation in the sun and create a cool and comfortable driving environment.


Nay! Don’t get baffled by the choice of carbon tint or ceramic one. With the newest and premium technology used in Eclipse films, you get outstanding features like heat absorption, high optical clarity, improved vehicle appearance, more choices, durability and an amazing driving experience.


The ceramic particles in our premium ECLIPSE line are individually encapsulated for increased durability and guaranteed color stability. This means you get a dye-free and metal-free solution with an unprecedented less than 1% (<1%) fading resistance that keeps you protected and the car looking good for years.


Whether it's day or night, summery or rainy, the ECLIPSE series film won't affect your driving line. Ensure your peace of mind with clear and high-defination vision even in adverse weather conditions. Drive with safety, drive with Eclipse.


NOTE: Auto tint laws vary by state or province. Please check your local laws or ask your installer for films that meet your local tint laws.



"Beautiful finishing, top performance, down to last detail and a good price! Reliable and trustworthy.

CEO & Founder, Essex Mortgage


I did a clear coat spray and window package on my Mazda and it turned out amazing! The car looks brand new now. Dan and his team have done an incredible job. Really happy with the overall finish. Upvotes.

Insurance Broker, Brashears Insurance


"Friendly staff and speedy service, Tint has not bubbled or peeled. Easy to see why this place has so many 5 star ratings. Dan and kat were really great. Would recommend to everyone"

CEO, SNG Accountants