Platinum Paint Protection

Protecting your car’s paintwork is where Gtechniq’s core knowledge lies. Based on Smart Surface Science, Gtechniq Platinum gives your car a ceramic shield, helping to maintain its high-gloss, showroom finish for years to come.

Advanced chemical nanotechnology allows the Platinum coating to form a chemical bond with your car’s paintwork, so it becomes the functional surface of your vehicle. The coating gives unrivalled UV and dirt repellency, reduces swirls, and makes your car a dream to maintain.

Gtechniq Interior Protection

Research suggests we spend an average of 600 hours a year driving in traffic. This makes the interiors of cars subjected to conditions which can encourage the growth of microbes. Food remnants, spillages, dirt, little sticky fingers, and dust, can support the growth of microorganisms like bacteria and fungi.

Gtechniq’s interior products keep leather and fabric looking newer, and smelling fresher for longer. Using Gtechniq with added BioCote® to protect your car’s interior can help prevent the growth of microbes.


The minute your darling car is out from the showroom, it is your car is exposed to everyday wear and tear that putting the paintwork and interior surfaces to the test. We at Gizmoto are focused to provide you with the best of car car care tools and technologies by helping you safeguarding your car against the inevitable bird poop, dirt and mud, coffee spills on the seats, and (almost) everything in between! It’s time to leave the overlookers dazzling by the wet-look of your car as you pass.

Exterior Surface Protection

We understand the importance of protecting your adorned vehicle against many hazards that it may face during the ride. Gizmoto’s paint protection are for all the individuals who want the best of the best for their treasured vehicle. Our high-grade coatings are the most advanced and are tested in extreme circumstances all around the world, providing an economical & value-enhancing revamp to any vehicle.

Most car manufacturers these days opt for water-based paints not providing protection against all threats from road gravel or acid rain to even harmful UV radiation. Our reactive polymer technology’s corrosion protection mechanism is coupled with the hydrophobic efficiency to provide all-round protection for your car. It creates a high-gloss protective barrier that continuously works to neutralize and repel airborne contaminants and doesn’t require any extensive cosmetic repairs involving resprays or touch-ups. The unique formula is created using environment-friendly and biodegradable components that are safe to use. Our paint protection products prevent rust and stain on your vehicles during all possible times and provides the best car paint protection. The technology proves to be very efficient and is easy to clean.


Car Window Tint

Break the rules, not your car. Your vehicle is the second biggest investment you make in your life. It is much more than a great curation of metals and engineering. It is your companion. It’s your home away from home. It’s essential to take proper care of your fave buddy and ensure a smart, safe and sustainable ride. Window films offer outstanding features like improved vehicle outlook, blocking heat radiation, cooling the inner temperature, saving fuel energy, and better privacy. Also, it also has safety benefits as it holds glass together in the event of an accident, reducing the likelihood of glass shards breaking away and injuring passengers.

Interior Surface Coating

Add a durable layer of protection to your interior surfaces, to help protect against coffee spills, ice-cream mishaps, muddy boots on the carpets, faded leather, and even cracking dashboards. We can help you maximise stain resistance and durability across all interior surfaces, and protect you and your family from bacteria with our air sanitisation treatment.

The result: an easier clean when the kids spill their sticky ice-cream in the back seat!

Vehicle Electronics

Although your vehicle may come with some electronic accessories, there are still so many options to further enhance your driving experience.
And with electronics, you want to get the best quality and most advanced technology available. Check out our range of parking sensors, reverse cameras, navigation systems, alarm systems, music streaming systems, DVD players, dash cams…the list goes on!

Schmick Scratch & Dent Assist

Take the hassle out of car repairs. Schmick Scratch & Dent Assist is Australia’s largest, most cost-effective and convenient solution for repairing minor scrapes, scratches and dents on motor vehicles. We employ industry qualified tradesmen and use the latest in Small Accident Repair Technology so you can rest assured in the knowledge that your vehicle is in excellent hands.


Studies have shown that your vehicle is one of the unhealthiest environments, with you and your family being exposed to so many different strains of bacterial viruses daily. Your car is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, particularly in air-conditioning and heating systems when turned on airborne bacteria and allergens can get blown straight into your face.
Antimicrobial is an environmentally friendly, water-based solution that forms an invisible, long lasting barrier that actively protects surfaces from the build-up of organic matter including bacteria, moulds, germs and allergens.

NOTE: Auto tint laws vary by state or province. Please check your local laws or ask your installer for films that meet your local tint laws.

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