Determined to re-shape the way car owner feels about their companion, we offer first-to-market intelligent products, superior quality services that exceed expectations, and innovative vehicle solutions that are safe, smart and sustainable.

How We Started

Friendship To

They say when two friends meet it’s either a party or a million-dollar company. Our case has been no different than this. We turned our age-old friendship into a partnership and started our nimble venture with a crazy passion to revolutionize the driving experience by designing vehicle solutions that are safe, stylish and amplify the comfort in a small garage in 2000.

To be fair, starting a business isn’t ever an easy endeavor. The journey, like in every aftermarket business, has been a complete roller coaster every day. Of course, partnering with your favorite buddy can mitigate some stress and make the workplace more fun and comfortable. But it no way can curtail the challenges that come your way while catering to ever-evolving customer expectations and acceleration of technological advancements.

And we together have had our good bad days or rather years. This phase of our life is called a strong friendship can deal it all. We are determined to design solutions that cater the needs of tomorrow. The best part of our chemistry is how different we are from each other in everything we do and yet are working on the same KPI to make GizMoto a global leader with our passion, innovation and diligence.


Where we are today

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Meet the Core Management Team


Director of Customer Experience

This amiable, assertive and multitasking car care consultant is a sports car when it comes to his performance range and there is no doubt about it. Dan is into the business of delivering superior-quality customer service for more than 22 years now and is seasoned with the first-hand experience of the aftermarket problems and challenges that customers face in the automotive industry while working in direct-response, early in his career. He is humble, dedicated to maximizing customer satisfaction and is always found talking about cars, passion and innovation.


Director Of Technology & Operations

Kat is the backbone of Gizmoto. He is a keen, energetic and hardworking innovative car care expert with more than two decades of industry experience and still counting. His world revolves around cars. He is passionate about new cars, car trends, and the latest technology. He truly believes that there is no better companion than a car that has a fascinatingly cutting-edge operating, comfort and safety system that adapts more accurately to your needs and preferences every day.


Director of Communication & Strategy

Odri is an expert in building culture and fostering leadership. Her job is the toughest in the business. She focuses on inculcating an entrepreneurial attitude in all the stakeholders of the company. It is her crazy passion for the human potential that all activities in the organization are in alignment with customer needs and requirements. She believes in delivering services beyond expectations. Her vision is clear and focused on making Gizmoto a global leader in aftermarket and car care.


NOTE: Auto tint laws vary by state or province. Please check your local laws or ask your installer for films that meet your local tint laws.


Determined to re-shape the way car owner feels about their companion, we offer unbeatable customer service and respond intuitively to your individual car care needs in a way that’s effective, efficient and professional.